What is GOTV (Voter Tracking)?

CiviCampaign includes a "Get Out the Vote" GOTV (Voter Tracking) feature so you can indicate the contacts (who you have or plan to survey) who have voted at the polls.

You will need to enable the CiviCampaign component to be able to use GOTV (Voter Tracking). See the Campaign section for more information about CiviCampaign.

Tracking Contacts Who Voted at the Polls

Before you can use the GOTV (Voter Tracking) feature, you will need to have created a survey, create the group of contacts you plan on interviewing, and reserve respondents (reserve the contacts you want to interview) for that survey.  To learn more about surveys and reserving respondents, refer to the section Surveys in this book.

To use the GOTV (Voter Tracking) feature:

  1. Click Campaigns > GOTV (Voter Tracking).
  2. On the GOTV (Voter Tracking) search screen:
  • Survey (required): select the name of the survey you are using to survey your contacts
  • Group(s): select the group of contacts whom you want to track who has voted
  • click Search.
  • On the GOTV (Voter Tracking) screen:
    • Check box under the column Voted? next to the individual you know has voted at the polls
    • You can float your cursor over the "individual contact" icon next to a person's name to find out more information about that individual

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