Creating Point and Click Games with Escoria

About the example game

To introduce Escoria and Godot we decided to take the example of a game which we will refer to until the end. In fact, we have made two of them:

  • an example game called first quick game, being the one you should create during First quick game (this section). The goal is the get comfortable with Godot UI and see a complete workflow that includes the most important features. 
  • another game called Escoria in Daïza to show some cool features of Escoria and make this week more fun for us. This game was made in a few hours during the booksprint session. Go to the repository at to download the source code and test it.
    You can also check for pre-made binaries for different platforms, ready to play.
    Note: the default version is an ongoing migration to Godot 3. The current revision of this manual is based on the "2.1.4" branch of the repository.

The first quick game

The first quick game is a really simple demo game. It will be made of a single screen containing:

  • a background picture and music
  • an old man who will say what to do
  • some buttons to help the user interact with objects
  • two bamboos (a good and a bad)
  • a god

The story is inspired by Peril in Daïza, small puzzle game made with Blender during the Blender for video game's flossmanual-fr booksprint.

The old man is standing and we will have to talk to him so he can explain that the player has to bring him bamboo stick to save the panda forest. The player must find the bamboos but has to be careful. One is good and one is bad. He shall add them to inventory. Once done, we need to talk again to the old man. The God will then appear, and the player can use its inventory object to give it to the god. If it is the good bamboo, the god is happy and thanks the player, otherwise he is angry and the player has to start over.

To start we prepared some files for you:

  • the assets so that you can follow this section with the same resources and get at the end something similar
  • the first quick game complete project done so that you can have a look at the files if necessary

With these files, you’ll be able to follow our step-by-step introduction.

godot first game point and click

Escoria in Daïza

Last, we couldn’t stop at this point. So we decided to go on and make this mini-game more complex. We wanted it to not only be an introduction but also make it look like a real game (even if small) to showcase more advanced Godot-Escoria features. Many of them are shown later in the book, and we can refer to it when possible so that you can have an idea of the final result. We have added :

  • a menu screen
  • a second level
  • settings
  • savings
  • translations
  • many sounds
  • animations
  • some visual and sounds effects
  • scene changes
  • speech text
  • more complex dialogs with options…
Escoria in Daïza is a free project made during the 5-day writing session of the book. It can really be improved upon because the first goal was to make it a demo game. Feel free to propose new levels so that we can make the game evolve with new episodes and make it nicer.

Let's now read further to open Godot and Escoria and create our first game!

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