Creating Point and Click Games with Escoria

Basics Concepts of Escoria

Escoria is a Godot template to ease the making of point-and-click games. To use Escoria, some knowledge of Godot is necessary, but very little. Most part of the job is done by the template which acts as a framework. But there is some special vocabulary used in Escoria due to specificities of point-and-clicks.


We'll call item any of the objects placed in the scene with which the user will be able to interact. They must have a unique name and an interaction area.

You can find more informations in the chapter The items in Escoria Fundamentals.


Scene is the technical term used in Godot to define any standalone structural element made by the team and that can be used anywhere in a project. Scene can be the HUD, the inventory, the player, and in fact every item will be a scene. We refer to the main scene when talking about the screen we are working on.

You can find more informations in the chapters:


Esc is the format of Escoria's scripting language. It is made for nonprogrammers and designers. They can use it to modify item behavior, dialogs, actions, inventory and so on. Esc relies on some easy to learn writing rules to make things work together.

You can find more information in the chapters:


The inventory is the feature that is used by the player to store items he found during the adventure. The inventory is a kind of a bag in which items are put when picked up and that the player can use later to solve situations. The inventory is a scene that contains static items waiting to be used. The aspect of the inventory can vary from project to projects: a bag, a basket, a pocket… feel free to customize the default inventory scene to make it yours.

You can find more informations in the chapter:

Dialogs and text

Dialogs are really important in point-and-click games because most part of the story happens through dialogs and interaction even if animations and video are possible. Escoria gives a simple way to implement dialogs without using complex tools but only a simple text editor.

You can find more informations in the chapters:


The player is the main character that the user will control. It is a particular type of item that needs to have specific actions and generally more complex animations like idling, walking, picking, talking…

You can find more informations in the chapters:

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