Creating Point and Click Games with Escoria


If you want to use Escoria for your point-and-click game project, you need a few pieces of software.

First you want to download the Godot 2 Engine as it’s the fundamental base of Escoria. Godot 2 is available on, just choose the right file for your system. Godot 2 runs on all the major operating systems, this ensures interoperability within your team.

Once it’s done, unzip the file you just downloaded. The resulting file is the Godot 2 engine and its game editor.

This book will go over the fundamentals of Godot, enough to make use of Escoria for a simple project. If you want to know more about Godot, check out Godot’s documentation at or read FlossManuals’ book about Godot at

Next you need Escoria itself, which can be downloaded on Godot Engine's github account at, branch 2.1. If you know about Git, you can use the git clone command, branch 2.1. Otherwise, click on the Clone or Download button, choose Download Zip then extract the archive’s content.

You will also need a text editor to write the Escoria scripts, plenty are available:

  • for windows: notepad++
  • for mac: textwrangler
  • for linux: vi, emacs, gedit, kate, geany…
  • multi-platform: Atom, Qt Creator…

Choose the one you prefer, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with it.


Note: work on adapting Escoria to Godot 3 is ongoing as of 2018-04, see

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