Godot Game Engine

About this book

The core of this book was written during a 3-day session on 12-14 September 2015. Godot Engine developers and contributors worked together with Floss Manuals to create quality documentation about the engine and the basics of creating games with Godot.

Some participants to the Godot booksprint

This book is meant for whoever is interested in creating games with Godot. The engine is meant to be easy to use for all those involved in game development, be it programmers, artists or project leaders.


The participants on this book are: Beuc (game developer), Elisa de Castro Guerra (graphic designer), Cédric Gémy (graphic designer), Ariel Manzur (Godot co-creator and one if its main developers), Max (game developer), Rémi Verschelde (Godot contributor and hobbyist game developer).


This book is available in various formats, such as HTML, PDF or EPUB. It is licenced under GNU General Public License (GPL).


  • Version 1.0: First public release, still needs further work though - February 2016
  • Version 0.2: Proofreading and formatting adjustments - December 2015
  • Version 0.1: Initial version produced during the booksprint and the following week - September 2015

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