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Godot games examples

Even though such examples can never showcase all possibilities of a given engine, it is always interesting to see what has been made by other developers and artists using the engine. Godot already has a nice portfolio, even though it is relatively young on the market as it had its first public and open source release in 2014. Some of those projects date back to the time where Godot was an in-house priorietary engine, while others started when the engine was open sourced.

To get a quick and dynamic overview, you will find some video playlists that showcase games made with the Godot Engine:

Already released commercial references include:

  • Ultimo Carnaval, published by SQUARE ENIX Latin America
  • The Mystery Team, published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
  • Deponia, by Daedalic Entertainment GmbH (port of the desktop game of the same nice which uses a different engine)
  • Anthill, used for an iOS to Android port (not using the scenes, only the low-level server APIs)

There are also numerous indie games being developed with Godot, and they can't be listed exhaustively. Godot is also used in game jam, and many demos have been produced this way. Some open source games are also being developed using Godot. Some examples are listed at the end of this chapter.

Game for phone: Ultimo Carnaval

Godot is well suited both to create games and to port them to a specific platform like smartphone. Ultimo Carnaval is an hybrid RPG trading card game that was developed specifically for smartphones: Android, iOS and Blackberry. It was created by Square Enix Latin America and Okam Studio and published in 2014.

Game for tablets: Deponia

The well-known point'n'click adventure game created for desktop platforms by Daedalic Entertainment was developed using a different engine, but Godot was used recently to port it to iOS for iPads, in a collaboration between Daedalic and Okam Studio. You can find this game on iTunes.

Game for consoles: The Mystery Team

The Mystery Team is an investigation puzzle game created in 2011 for Sony entirely using the Godot engine, and is only available on the PSP.

Game for mobile: Anthill

Anthill is a strategory game ported to Android and Blackberry using Godot.

Indie games in development

  • Brave Bran, developed by Andreas Esau
  • SteamQuest, developed by Jakub Grzesik and Izabela Latak-Grzesik

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Games Jam

Since its open sourcing in 2014, Godot is also used on a regular basis in game jams. Dolphin Island 2 is an example of a well polished demo that was developed in such an occasion.

Libre games

Since Godot is open source and revision control friendly, it is also used by many free software aficionados to create both indie games (such as Tanks of Freedom) and hobbyist games.

  • Tanks of Freedom, released under the MIT license and sold on using the "name your own price" model. It interestingly uses an old-school 32-colors palette.

  • Minilens and Project Kumquat, two GPLv3+ games by KOBUGE-Games, an hobbyist and free software focused team of Godot developers.
    Minilens is a light-hearted post-apocalyptic puzzle game while Ringed (still in development) is a top-down shooter.

    Minilens screenshot

  • DynaDungeons - A GPLv3+ game using similar mechanics to that of Bomberman, but with a wish to bring them further to create an original game.


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