Godot Game Engine

Godot components

Engine editor

The editor is the main interface to the engine. It is used to edit the project settings, the scenes, resources, scripts, and to integrate all the content into the game. It is meant to be used by all members of the team, and in general it is designed to allow everyone to integrate their content directly into the game.

The interface of the upcoming version 2.0 is slightly different and has movable panels.

The game editor is entirely made with Godot's internal GUI system. It is actually a custom Godot game that happens to be an editor.

Engine runtime

The runtime is the code that runs, or "plays" the game content created by the editor. The game content is generally a collection of scripts, scenes, textures, 3D models, sounds, etc.. The runtime in itself does not do anything other than loading an initial scene, and letting it run. Everything else is up to that scene and the scripts that control it.

Export templates

The export templates are compiled versions of the runtime for every platform that the engine supports. They are used to prepare the final release of your game, including on mobile platforms such as Android. More details are given in the "Exporting games" chapter.

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