How to Communicate Online

Choosing the Right Communication Tools


Use email for longer or more formal messages. Email is a great option if you need to share a lot of detailed information with another person or several people. It also serves as an alternative to sending a traditional letter, so it’s ideal for more formal communication.
For example, you might use email to send a job application letter or to communicate with a coworker or classmate about a complicated project.
Depending on your needs and preferences, you can manage your email with a browser-based email program, like Gmail, or desktop-based software applications, such as Outlook.
Another advantage of email is that you can often use it to send large files, such as pictures and text documents.

Try an instant messenger or a chat room for quick communication. If you just want to have a quick text-based chat, instant messaging applications are a great option. They allow you to communicate in real time by typing and sending messages to another person, who can respond instantly. This option can be great for chatting with a friend or exchanging quick information with a coworker or classmate.[1]
Some social media platforms, like Facebook and Tumblr, have built-in instant messaging capabilities. Some voice/video calling apps, such as Skype, also have text messaging features.
You can also exchange instant messages over apps like WhatsApp and Wire.
Online chat rooms allow you to exchange instant messages with multiple people in a group or community setting. You can connect with chat rooms through websites like Mibbit, mIRC, and Discord.

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