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Game examples

Godot games examples

It is always interesting to see what have been made with an engine. Godot, even if it is new, public since 2014, begin to have some nice projects that came up.

If you want a quick overview, a couple video playlists showcase games made with the Godot Engine :

References include :

  • Ultimo Carnaval published by SQUARE ENIX
  • The Mystery Team published by SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
  • Deponia by Daedalic Entertainment GmbH (port of )
  • Anthill, used for a iOS to Android port (not using the scenes, only the low-level server APIs)

Game for phone : Ultimo Carnaval

Godot is usefull for creat game and also port them to a specific platform like smartphone. Let see some good example in game dedicated to smartphone, android, ios and black berry.

This game was an RPG trading card dedicated to smartphone. Ultimo Carnival was creat by Square Enix Latin American and Okam Studio, published in 2014. You can found this game in Android platforme and Playstore.

Game for Tablet : Deponia

This point and blick game created by Daedalic and use Godot for port it into IOS Ipad. Daedalic collaborate with Okam Studio to port this game for ios. You can found this game on itunes.

Game for Console : The Mystery team

This game was an investigation puzzle game created in 2011entirely with Godot Engine for Sony only available on PSP Console.

Game for mobile : Anthill

Another strategy game ported for Black Berry and Android with Godot.

Games Jam

Godot is also used on a regular basis in game jams (e.g. Dolphin Island 2).

Free Games

Godot is use on libre projects such as :


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