LibreGraphicsMag 2.2

New releases

British Library

A trove of i llustrations spanning three centuries was released into the Publ ic Domain by the British Library. Coming in 2014, a crowdsourced platform for tagging and identifying the images.

L’Ève future—Spécimens de fontes libres
From Greyscale Press comes a book packed full of gorgeous, permissively l icensed type specimens.
An indispensable tool for designers considering
F/LOSS fonts.

Fait Main magazine,
Volume 3
An almanac of al l things homebrew ( in some cases,
quite l iteral ly) , the current issue of Fait Main offers
lessons about stereos, soap and yes, beer.

Multimedia programming
with Pure Data
Pure Data is a powerful tool for visual coding, but
its learning curve might be too steep for some.
This book comes to clarify and demonstrate how
to use PD for audio-visual performances, interactive
displays, animation and interface design.

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