Make a Puberty Kit for Your Daughter

Building a Home Kit


Get a large box. The idea of the home kit is that it will contain a wide variety of items relevant to your daughter’s puberty experience. Because of that, the kit is going to be substantially larger than the on-the-go kit, which focuses mostly on her period. Consider anything from a shoebox size to a large packing book box, but you should alter the box to adapt it to its new use:
Make it look attractive and inviting by decorating it.
Decorate the inside with tissue paper or other materials.
Do not write “Puberty Kit” on the box, as this might cause embarrassment with friends, siblings, or family members.

Consider what to put into the kit. The kit should prepare your daughter for a much wider range of puberty-related experiences than the on-the-go kit. You should include a variety of toiletries, personal hygiene items, and informational material. If you have space, also include beauty supply items or other things that might make your daughter feel less awkward or embarrassed about puberty. Try to make her feel excited about this life change.

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