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Select tool

Symbolized by an arrow and accessible with F1 or S keys, this is the main tool in the program. It is at the top of the toolbar and is simple and intuitive.

Just like a hand, the Select tool moves, scales, skews and rotates objects.

To move an object:

  • click it, keeping the mouse button pressed;
  • drag to the desired position (hold Ctrl to preserve one of the coordinates).

To rescale an object:

  • click it to have it selected;
  • take a double arrow from a side or a corner;
  • drag it to get the desired size (hold Ctrl to preserve the ratio).

To skew an object:

  • select it, then click it again;
  • take an horizontal or vertical double arrow;
  • drag it to get the desired skew (hold Ctrl for 15° increments).

To rotate an object:

  • select it, then click it again;
  • take a curved arrow in a corner;
  • drag it to reach the desired angle (hold Ctrl for 15° increments).

In some cases, you want to alter several objects at once: the Select tool is able to apply any actions to several objects.

To select several objects, there are mainly two ways:

  • click the first object, then hold Shift and click all other objects;
  • or, click and drag your mouse to draw a rectangle having all the objects to select in it.

You can combine the two methods: hold Shift and draw a selection rectangle.

Click and drag to move the selection. Transformations are easy thanks to the double arrows. Click the selection to access skew and rotating functions.

Each selected object is framed with dashes, while the arrows for transformation are placed around the whole selection bounding box.

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