UpStage 2021


Welcome to the user manual for UpStage version 4; released in April 2021, this version introduce you to a new version of UpStage and his technical transformation. This internal revolution bring new feature and let others in our past & victorious history.


For newcomers, UpStage propose a free open source platform for artists and their lover spectator of cyberformance. Let's us introduce you to this manual on how use and prepare a live session of a piece of online theatre and add your own flavour with this awesome free tool.


You only need creativity, internet and modern browsers like Mozilla or the pair Chromium / Chrome or Safari.

This manual is for :

  • artist want use UpStage for their cyberformance
  • spectator to assist at a cyberformance

In this manual you will learn about :

  • section 1 : resume
  • section 2 : resume
  • section 3 : resume
  • section 4 : resume

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