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Presentation of the project

quick introduction

quick history since the beguining until now

UpStage is a web-based venue for cyberformance1 - the real-time compilation of digital media into live performance, by multiple remote players for an online audience (and sometimes an offline audience as well). People anywhere in the world can participate in live performance events by using standard browser software to access UpStage, without having to download and install additional software and without needing to know anything other than a web address. 

The concept for UpStage was developed by Avatar Body Collision, a globally dispersed cyberformance troupe whose members have been experimenting with online theatrical performance since 1999, and together as Avatar Body Collision since 2002. UpStage was born from the desire to reach a wider audience and to make it easier for audiences and performers alike to participate in live performance via the internet. 

The software combines the different elements of cyberformance - graphical avatars, web cams, audio, images, text chat (and who knows what else in the future) - into a single interface. The audience simply directs their browser to the web address at the appointed time, to watch and participate in the cyberformance.

Licence of the project

The UpStage server application is open source and free to download. It is available under dual licensing: a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3 License and GNU General Public Licence (GPL). 

The initial development of UpStage was funded in 2003 through the Smash Palace Collaboration Fund, a joint initiative of Creative New Zealand and the NZ Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. In 2006, the UpStage project received funding from the Community Partnerships Fund of the New Zealand government’s Digital Strategy to develop UpStage version 2. UpStage V2 was also supported by partners CityLink, MediaLab and Auckland University of Technology.

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