UpStage 2021

Technical information

UpStage is a server-side application. This means that it runs on a web-server, and the users of UpStage (players and audience) access it via a web browser; you do NOT install UpStage on your own computer.

Running for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Tablet or even Smartphone !

If you have access to a web server and wish to install your own, customisable, version of UpStage, please refer to the installation manual:

Programming technologies

UpStage is written in

The server runs on

The software has been worked on since

Client hardware and software requirements

If your computer has a browser

A broadband internet connection will give the best performance, but UpStage performs

UpStage has been designed to run on a wide range of clients using the

UpStage will function through most but not all firewalls, depending on how the firewall has been set up

If you install your own UpStage server, it will ask you to specify which

The Open UpStageserver uses ports

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