UpStage v1

Audio tool

Audio files can be uploaded to UpStage and assigned to a stage for use in your cyberformance. The on-stage audio tools allow tracks to be played, paused, stopped, made to loop and the volume adjusted.

More complex soundscapes can be achieved by using sound mixing software on your computer and sending a live audio stream to UpStage. See the section on Streaming for more information about how to do this.

Play an audio track

Click on the Audio tool icon in the left-hand tool bar. The Audio overlay appears at the top of the stage, showing the tracks that have been assigned to this stage. Hover over the audio track to see the tools for each track. Volume loop and where the track starts can be adjusted before playing the track. Click on the play arrow for the track and it will be played, and heard by all players and audience members currently on the stage.

The play icon changes to a pause button, the stop button appears and the slider below the icon shows the length of the track and progress through it.

Loop an audio track

By default the loop icon is grey, the track will play through once. To loop click on the loop toggle icon so it becomes green. When played the track will loop continuously until you stop it.

Adjust the volume

The volume slider is the vertical slider at the left of the play tools. Adjust the slider up or down by clicking above or below the current setting to make the sound louder or quieter.

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