UpStage v1

Avatar Animation

Avatars can be animated in two ways:

  • creating and uploading an animated gif (needs checking) 
  • creating a multiframe avatar.

GIF animation

An animated gif can be uploaded via the Media management interface and assigned to your stage. When you place it on the Stage, it will immediately animate in a loop. You cannot modulate its animation.

Gif animation is useful if you want a continuous animation.




To change frames individually right click and select the frame you want to change to, clicking away collapses the right click menu. To animate, right click and select play.

You might want to increase or decrease the speed of the animation, this is achieved by changing the slider on the left of the avatar frame. Right click and select animation slider, you will notice it changes to yellow and the avatar begins to animate. This will stay on the yellow animation slider until another slider is selected.


Multiframe animation

A multiframe animation is created by uploading a series of still images and saving them together as a multiframe avatar (see the chapter on uploading media in the Media Management section of this manual). This allows you to display one frame at a time or cycle through them as an animation.

The layers icon at the bottom left of an avatar in the avatar overlay shows which are multiframe avatars.

Drag a multiframe avatar onto the stage and right-click to open the context menu. The avatar's frames are shown as small thumbnails at the bottom of the context menu. Click on a frame to display it as the avatar, or hit the "play" button to run the animation.

You can change the speed of the animation with the slider: in the context menu, select the "Animation" slider option. The slider becomes yellow. Move the handle up to make the frames animate faster, or down to slow the animation down.

Change the speed of the avatar animation

To change the speed of the animation, choose the Animation slider option and increase or decrease its speed from the yellow slider on the left.

Stop avatar animation

Right-click to display the context menu and tap the pause icon. This stops the animation.


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