UpStage v1

Chat logs

The contents of player and audience chats remains in the chat window until it is cleared, either using the on-stage clear chat tool (see the Stage Settings chapter) or from the Stage Management interface for a stage, using the Clear Chat button.

Saving the Chat

To save the chat contents as a text file you can:

  • manually select and copy the text directly from a chat window, and paste it into a text document;
  • use the Replay recording feature; or
  • use the archive or download tools in the Archive section.

The tools in the Archive section are the Archive Performance and the Download All Chat buttons. You will find these buttons at the right-hand end of the green banner.

The Archive Performance button will save all chat and other actions since the stage was last swept or a Replay recording made. Archiving will also sweep the stage, clearing the chat and any media that has been left on the stage. The Archive will then appear in the list along with other archives or Replays.

Download All Chat will create a text file with all the chat that has been entered into both the player and audience chat windows.

If you have created a Replay recording of your stage, it will have created a log file of all the chat text entered during the period of recording. There may be chat text that has not been cleared from the chat window, but was entered before the recording was started and therefore is not included in this chat log.

Viewing Saved Chat Logs

If you have made a Replay or clicked on the Archive Performance button, you will see it in the list of recordings in the Archive.

In the Chat column for that archive or recording, click on the speech bubble icon to display the recorded chat. Click the Download icon to download the chat as a text file.

More Actions

In the Archive you can also:

  • clear chat currently in the stage's chat window using the Clear Chat button
  • delete unwanted recordings and archives using the red trash icon button
  • edit the name and description of a recording or archive using the green pencil icon.

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