UpStage v1

Delete Media

Deleting a media item removes it completely from the UpStage server. It is important to do this with media that you no longer want to avoid the server becoming unnecessarily cluttered. This practice also makes it easier to find the media you do want!

If you just want to remove a media item from a stage that it's assigned to, you can either do this from the Stage Management interface for that stage or the Media Management window for that media item. Unassigning a media item from a stage does not delete it from the server.

To delete a media item from the UpStage server:

  1. In the Backstage, click on "Media" in the top navigation menu and locate the item you want to delete in the media list.
  2. At the right in the "Manage Media" column, click on the red trash icon.
  3. You will be prompted to say yes or no to deleting the item. If you say yes, it will be removed from the server and no longer available on any stages or anywhere in the system. You will need to reupload the file if you have deleted it by mistake.


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