UpStage v1

Depth tool

The Depth tool allows you to access media items that are behind other media items on the stage.

Open the Depth tool by clicking on the icon in the left-hand tool bar. A bar will open at the top of the stage with icons for all of the media items currently on the stage.
Hover your cursor over the prop or avatar that you want to operate. You will see the green frame appear around that media item. It will float in front of the avatar or prop that it is behind, but only you are seeing it in front. You can then adjust the size, move it and perform other operations using the green frame.
If it is an avatar and you are holding it (the red icon showing above it) you can also access the right-click menu, light bulb and delete button.

Re-order depth positions

The order of media items can be changed by dragging and dropping the icons in the depth bar. The icon at the left-hand end of the bar is at the back, and the icon at the right-hand end of the bar is at the front, or on top. Drag an item from left to right to bring it forward, or from right to left to move it behind other media items on the stage.

Remove avatars and props from the stage

The Depth tool provides another way to remove avatars and props from the stage: drag an icon away from the bar, and you will be asked if you want to remove this media from the stage. This can also be done with an avatar that is held by someone else, which is useful if another player's internet connection has dropped and they have left a "ghost avatar" on the stage - an avatar that is held by a player who is no longer on the stage.
Take care, as it is possible to remove an avatar that is held by another player. There is a prompt that will ask you if you really want to do this.

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