UpStage v1

Enter your Stage

As a player, you can log in and enter stages that you have created or been given player access to. You will see the on-stage player tools that are not visible to the audience; these tools allow you to manipulate digital media in real time on the stage in order to present live performances.

To enter a stage as a player:

  1. Log in to UpStage from the Foyer.
  2. You arrive at the Stages list.
  3. Locate the stage you want to enter and click on the green Enter button at the right.

You can also enter a stage directly from a link on the Foyer page, another webpage or email. When you do this, a popup window will appear:

Click on "Player Login" then enter your username and password. Click Login and you will enter the stage as a player (as long as you have player access to that stage). 

A third way to enter a stage is from the media list in the Media Management section. The column "Stage" shows which stages a media item has been assigned to. Click on the name of the stage in this column to enter the live stage.


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