UpStage v1

Avatar speech and voices

When you are holding an avatar (see the Avatar Tool chapter for how to hold an avatar), you can make it speak by typing in the chat window input field. The text will appear in the chat window and as a speech bubble above the avatar. If you have given your avatar a voice, the text will also be spoken aloud in a computerized voice.

Customize your avatar's voice

You can customize your avatar's voice from the Media edit interface, or directly on the stage. If you do it on the stage, the change bitlife will not persist after reloading the stage. To permanently set the voice, you must do it in the Media edit interface (see the Media section).

On stage, right-click on the avatar you are holding and in the context menu select "Voice setting". Here you can adjust the pitch, rate and volume of the voice, as well as its accent and variant. You can test the voice before saving it.

For the voice to pronounce the dialogue correctly and audibly, it is essential to select the voice from the correct dictionary. For example, do not use a voice from the French dictionary if your avatar will be speaking English - it will pronounce the English words as if they were French words.


  • Pitch: set at minimum, the voice is deep and at maximum the voice is high.
  • Rate: the speed of speech; set to the left speech is slower and on the right faster.
  • Volume: move to the left for quieter speech, to the right for louder.
  • Test voice: write in the language of the voice and click the green button to hear how these voice settings sound.
  • Click Save when you are satisfied with the voice.

Shouting and thinking

As well as the regular speech bubble for avatar text, your avatar can "shout" and "think". This adds color to your avatar's text, changes speech bubbles shape and modifies the computerized voice with shouting or silent with thinking.

How to shout

"Shouting" is done by typing! at the beginning of your text in the chat input field. This creates a jagged speech bubble shape and your text appears in red upper case letters in the chat box. The volume of your avatar's voice is slightly increased as well.

How to think

"Thinking" is done by typing: at the beginning of your text. This creates a cloud-shaped speech bubble, with smaller italicized text in it, and in the chat box your text will be blue. The avatar voice does not speak thoughts aloud.

Simulate audience chat

Sometimes, you might want to interact as an audience member in the chat. You can do this by typing - before your text. The text will be gray in the chat window.

Your player name will still appear. To truly hide as an audience member, you need to give yourself another nickname. If you don't leave a space after the -, the first word after the - will appear as a nickname. For example, if you want to use the nickname Bob, type -Bob and then your message.


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