UpStage v1

Object Drawing tool

The Object Drawing tool allows you to create a drawing directly on the stage and save it as an object - either an avatar or a prop - that can then be placed on the stage and manipulated in the same way as other objects.

Click on the Object Drawing icon in the left-hand menu and its toolbar overlay appears at the top of the screen. If no drawing is present yet, or if you want to create another drawing, then click on +.

A new option bar is then displayed:

Select the colour and line size (thickness) that you want and create your drawing on the stage. Use "Erase" to remove parts of the drawing, "Undo" to delete the immediate last part, or "Clear" to remove the entire drawing.

When you are satisfied with the drawing, click either "Save as avatar" or "Save as prop". Your drawing will have slightly different properties retro bowl depending on how you choose to save it (see the chapters on Avatars and Props for more information).

When you save the drawing, it will appear on the stage, but not yet visible to the audience. If you have previously saved a drawing and want to use it on stage, drag it from the toolbar overlay onto the stage. Until you have activated the lightbulb icon, the drawing is not visible to others. You can adjust its size, position and opacity before revealing it to the audience.

You can now operate it on the stage as you would another prop or avatar.

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