UpStage v1

Player Chat

Often during a performance you will want to communicate privately with the other players. For example, to coordinate cues.

In the left-hand toolbar, click on the Player Chat icon. A small chat window opens in the lower left-hand corner of the stage. It is only visible to players on this stage.

Type in the text input field and hit enter to send a message to the other players.

Click on the - icon at the top right to close the window.

If your player chat window is closed and another player sends a message, the chat window will automatically open, and you will see the message.

Click on the star icon in the top right-hand corner to move or re-size the window.

Tip: if your performance requires a lot of player chat and you want to keep the player chat window open all the time, you can make your browser window wider than the stage area and adjust the player chat to sit at the left edge of the stage.

Tip: you can message a specific player directly by finding and clicking on their name in the audience/player dropdown.


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