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Replays are recordings of all the messages sent between the browser and the server, which can be replayed to recreate the on-stage actions of a performance from the audience point of view.

This is not a screen recording: it can only replay the messages between the server and the browser, and therefore audio-visual streams cannot be replayed. If your performance includes audio-visual streams and you want to make a recording of it, you will need to use third party software to make a screen recording.

NOTE - starting a recording will clear the stage; any media that has been placed on the stage will be taken off. All media that you have assigned to your stage will still be available from the stage tools, and any scenes that you have saved will still work.

Make a Replay recording

Before starting a Replay recording, it's a good idea to have the Backstage and your live stage open in two separate browser tabs. This means you can easily start and stop the recording without having to leave and re-enter your stage.

In the Backstage, go to the Stages list and click the camera icon in the Recording column for your stage. A pop-up window will ask you to enter a name for the recording, and warn you that the stage will be cleared before the recording begins.

Enter a meaningful name for the recording and click Start Recording.

The green camera icon will be replaced with red text showing the name of the recording and the length of time.

When you want to stop the recording, hover over this red text. You will see a tool-tip message saying "Stop recording". Click on the red text and the recording will stop.

If you don't want to keep the recording, you can click on the trash can icon at any time to delete the recording.

When you have just stopped a recording, the camera icon will become a Play icon, so that you can immediately watch the recording if you want to.


Find and view a Replay

Go to Stage Management of the stage for which you want to view a replay. In the left hand menu, select Archive. You will see a list of available recordings, ordered by date. You can also reach this section by clicking on the list icon next to the camera icon in the Stages list.

To view a replay, click on the camera icon. It will open as if it is the stage, and you will need to click on the cover image just the same as if it was a live stage.

On the replay stage, the status in the top right-hand corner shows "REPLAYING" in grey, instead of the red "LIVE" when you are on a live stage. There are no player tools available, and you cannot interact in the chat.

In the bottom left-hand corner are the controls for the replay. You can select the speed at which you want to view the replay, and play, pause or stop it. You'll also find a slider that shows how far through the replay you are. Move this slider to jump to a specific point in the replay.

The counters at each end of the slider show how long the recording is at what time in the recording you are at.

If you want to watch the replay without seeing this toolbar, click on the icon in its top right corner or use the Esc key on your keyboard. This key will bring the toolbar back if you have removed it.


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