UpStage v1

shared notes in 29-31 october sprint

What's missing?

  • - public UpStage link but if you have installing your own instance, then you have your own url.
  • Foyer - how to customise it

What's out of date?

  • the devs are working on a "Studio" that will replace the current Media management section;this is already implemented in but at the moment all you can do is filter, sort and download media items, you can't actually edit them here.

Are there images missing or out of date?


  • Quick start for audience - elisa : done helen is proofread
  • Quick start for players - elisa : done. Who proofread - helen
  • Player - Clara (not sure how far through this Clara got? as she was also finding bugs & issues that we put on github)
  • Media management - elisa : image updates, new gif in place. Some sentences enhance with emphasing. All good ! It's done and finished <3 ("Woohoo!" says helen)
  • Player live stage - vicki
  • Player:live Stage Tools - Vicki
  • Streaming: Clara & Helen
    - Helen: i'veedited the 3 chapters in this section; Clara, please see if you are able to set up a stream by following these instructions! (the images for assigning a stream to the stage via Stage Management need to be redone as they do not have the media type dropdown menu in them - i will do that tomorrow)
  • Recording & statistics - Helen: these sections are now edited and updated, however there are still some questions particularly around the chat logs, that need clarification from the developers. There are several differences in how the chats are saved which is a bit confusing.
  • Glossary - all
  • Admin - Helen - partially written, but there is quite a lot that needs to be updated by the developers and things that are not yet developed ...
  • Troubleshooting - Helen - done but will always need updating!

Clara doubts:
Scroll bar – should there be a scroll bar for the index on the left? (Booktype editing tool only)
Troubleshooting -  Browser – information on what to do with Fire Fox does not seem very clear - Helen has noted this in the chapter & will do DONE - please see if it's clearer now:
Suggestion: Should there be an abridged version of the Manual? A one page version with selected topics for audience and another one for players? (some people – like me – are allergic to manuals…)
 :D - a "quick start guide"?
Upstage last version:
Avatar - The green lamp: is it still needed for the avatar to be visible to other players and audience? [Helen: i've made an entry for this in the Glossary, but wondering if it would be worthwhile to have its own chapter in the on-stage tools section? as it applies to all moveable graphical media items)
Props – can we use them – fix them – to the avatar? YES - there is an "add to avatar" option in the right-click menu of the prop
(is the right-click menu obvious enough in the manual??) - this needs to be added to the Prop Tool chapter.
Text – First we have to erase «write or aste you test here» which takes time
(yes - this is not ideal; but it is how it is at the moment; i think we have asked for it to be that when you click there it removes the other text)
Streams- not clear how it works - Helen has rewritten these chapters, please review
Depth tool – the bring forward and send back does not seem to work… although I can move the avatar that is on the back by clicking on it in the Depth window on top.
if it's really not working this should be logged as a bug on Github, but to me (helen) it is working

Is there an easy way to go to Backstage to create or manage media?
Helen - I've asked the devs if the UpStage logo in top right corner of the live stage can either go to the Backstage or have options to go to Backstage or Foyer (the logo in this position in the new Studio has these options).

-> not clear the setting needed in Firefox on the manual

-> on the beguining of the section Recording : clear from the stage, stage deleted etc. Helen has edited - is it clearer now?

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