UpStage v1

The role of the Audience

Cyberformance is inherently participatory: the audience is usually seated in front of a screen and keyboard, ready to interact. Today people are used to being able to chat, respond and in various ways participate in live online events. UpStage allows this mainly through the chat window, which gives the audience many possibilities. Please go to the chapter Chat for details of the chat window.

Different performances will invite more or less participation, depending on the artistic intentions of the players. They may provide an introduction or instructions to help the audience know what to expect. If you are new to cyberformance, it's a good idea to look for information about the performance before you attend, and familiarize yourself as much as possible as it can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming.

But don't be shy! If the chat window is there, it is for you to use. Audience members can introduce themselves and chat with each other while waiting for a show to begin. Sometimes they help each other with technical assistance or information about the show or UpStage. You might be sitting alone at home, but you are certainly never alone during an UpStage performance!

We are researching more possibilities for audience interaction; watch this space!

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