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Add a media to your Stage

The internship is created but that is not enough in itself. Now you have to pour your media or attach media to it so that the spectator can see the scene, the characters, the associated noises and sounds etc. This chapter explains how to do this and what are the expected files.

If you want to add your own media, you must first have media available, that is to say, image files, sound files, and possibly video files.

On the UpStage server, uploading media is limited to 10 Mb. An UpStage administrator can modify this limit for a specific user up to 300 Mb.

It is strongly recommended to optimize the size of the media files in order to facilitate their handling as much as possible during the Stage and the loading of the Stage to each spectator.

Here is a list of file formats accepted as media:

  • Images that can be used as avatar, backdrops, props must be in .png, .jpg, .gif, .svg
  • The sound files that can be used as Audio must be in .wav, .mpeg, .mp4, .aac, .aacp, .ogg, .webm, .flac.
  • Videos files that can be used as Stream must be in .mp4

Once your files are available then you have to upload them to UpStage.

Upload them to UpStage

Once connected to the Backstage, click on Media.

You arrive on the list of all available media.

Click the + New button. A dialog is displayed.

  • Enter a name if you wish. This will be displayed in the media table but also during the Internship if this media is selected and you decide to make it talk. This name will then be displayed on the chat. If you leave this field blank, then the file name will appear.
  • Indicate the type: Avatar, Prop, Backdrop, Audio or Stream in order to find it more easily later in the media list by activating the appropriate filter.
  • Note that only one type per media is allowed. To have the same media for two different types, you will have to upload it a second time and indicate the new type.
  • Choose a file, indicate the location of your computer's media

Note: these media are now available to all users of the UpStage platform. But just because these media are available doesn't necessarily mean others will use them.

The last step is now to attach these media to your Stage.

Add them to your own Stage

Once these media are on the server, you must be able to attach them to your Stage. To do this, go to the Backstage, then find your Stage and click on the cogwheel icon to display the Stage Management of your Stage.

You have in front of you three columns. The first are the available controls, the second displays all currently available media and the third, perhaps still empty, displays the media attached to your Stage.

 The drop-down menu above the media column allows you to filter media by type (avatar, prop, backdround, stream, audio). To link the medium to your internship, click on the medium in question.

A kind of green rectangle slides over to indicate that it is well selected. The media is then displayed in the right column.

Once all your media are attached, click Save. These media are now available in your Stage!

Remove media from your Stage

You have mistakenly attached a media to your Internship? It detaches in one click. Go back to the Stage management of your Stage. On the Media tab you will find the list of Media contained in your Internship. To detach them, just click on them. A red rectangle appears with the symbol -. Once the media is removed, click Save to confirm.

The media is well detached from your Stage but is still present on the UpStage server.

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