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Manage your Stage: Media

Once you have created a stage, you can add graphics (backdrops, avatars and props) and audio files that you want to use in your performance. This chapter explains how to assign to your stage, media items that have already been uploaded to UpStage. For information about creating and uploading media, see the Media Management section.

Assign media to your own Stage

Graphics and audio files that have been uploaded to UpStage can be assigned to specific stages. This means that those media items are available to be used in performances on that stage or stages. A media item can be assign to, and used on, multiple stages at the same time.

In the Backstage, click on "Stages" in the top navigation menu and find the stage you want to assign media to in the list of stages.You must be the owner of a stage, or have been given edit access to a stage, to be able to assign media to that stage.

Click on the cogwheel icon to display the Stage Management of your Stage.

In the left-hand menu of Stage Management, click on Media. You will see two columns: "Available Media" and "Selected Media."

"Available Media" by default shows media uploaded by you. Use the dropdown menu to display media uploaded by a different player, or by all players, and use the search box to search for a specific media item. In the left-hand menu, you can select a specific media type in order to further narrow the display and find the media item you are looking for.

"Selected Media" shows all the media that has been assigned to the stage. If you have selected a media type and/or player to filter the display by, it will show only the media of that type or uploaded by that player, that has been assigned to the stage.

To assign a media item to the stage, move the cursor over the media item; it will be covered with a green overlay and a white + sign. Click on it, and it will move from the Available Media List to the Selected Media list.

Once you have selected all the media you want on your stage, you must click the green "Save" button at the top right, to save the changes you have made. The selected media will now be available for you to use on the live stage.

Remove media from your Stage

You have mistakenly attached a media to your Internship? It detaches in one click. Go back to the Stage management of your Stage. On the Media tab you will find the list of Media contained in your Internship. To detach them, just click on them. A red rectangle appears with the symbol -. Once the media is removed, click Save to confirm.

The media is well detached from your Stage but is still present on the UpStage server.

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