UpStage v4 english

Manual status

This manual is a work-in-progress, as the software is also under continuous development. This chapter is a gathering place for material that needs to be added or updated.

If you are looking for something that you don't find in the manual, please write to

As at 12 November 2021:

New content to be added

  • Foyer: customisation
  • Admin: section begun, needs to be completed
  • Studio: this part of UpStage is in development

Existing content to be updated or improved

  • Chat logs: the "Download All Chat" button generates a text file of the chat, from what point? Is it ALL CHAT since the stage was created? or since it was last swept? or since the last replay recording or archiving?? it's certainly more than since the chat window was last cleared.
  • Recording & Statistics - changes are being made to these features.

Existing content to be formatted

  • Glossary - needs spacing in the table

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