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Backdrop tool

Backdrops are images or animated images that can be displayed behind the rest of the media on the stage, providing a visual background or scenery. The image will fill the background area of the stage. Note that audience members may have different sized browser windows, so they may have space at the sides of the backdrop. You can change the background colour of the stage in the Settings tool, to match it to your backdrops.

Place a backdrop

Click on the Backdrop tool in the left-hand toolbar, and an overlay will appear on the top of the Stage. Thumbnails of all the Backdrops assigned to this Stage are displayed. Click on the one you want and it appear on the Stage.

Remove a backdrop

Click on the Backdrop tool, and the overlay appears on the top of the Stage. Click on another Backdrop thumbnail and it will replace the backdrop previously shown. Click on the *Clear button*. The backdrop is removed from the Stage.

Anima an animated Backdrop

waiting to be on the stable branch.

Size of a Backdrop

The size of the stage is defined, in the Backstage, in ratio 4/3, 16/9 (the most common format of current computers) or enter your personalized ratios.

A backdrop is used to dress the background of the Stage. Often it is a large image that completely covers the surface of the window.

Visually, the backstage will then occupy the background of the Stage which is visually limited to what is above the drop shadow. If the browser window does not match this ratio, then a solid color is displayed.

Place a backdrop on the Stage

From the overlay of the Backdrop tool, double-click on the desired image. It applies immediately to the Stage.

Remove a backdrop

From the overlay of the Backdrop tool, click the Clear button. The internship no longer has a background image.

Change the background color

It is not a backdrop at all but it can be useful to know how to do it when dealing with the issue of the background of the Stage. You must change the tool, and go to Settings.

  1. In the tool option, click Backdrop Color.
  2. A color picker appears to change the color.
  3. The new color is applied in real time.

If a backdrop is present, then the color will apply below.

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