UpStage v4 english

The Chat Window

Audience and players can chat with each other during UpStage performances, when the chat window is visible. Players can choose to hide or expose the chat window during a performance.

Note: If you are using a smartphone, the chat has been disabled. [is this correct? it shows up on a tablet]

You can minimize the chat locally (just for your view) using the line icon at the top right corner of the chat box.

You can increase or decrease the size of the font using the + and - buttons just above the chat input field.


When the chat window is available, you can write in the field at the bottom of the chat window and press enter (on your keybaord) to send your message. It is visible to all audience and players present on the stage. 

Text input by audience members appears as grey text, while player text is black and slightly larger font size.

You can include emoticons in your message by selecting the icon with the emoticon on a green background located to the right of the text input field.

You can minimise the chat window using the line icon at the top of the window.

Emoji reactions

Above the chat text input field are four emoticons and a plus symbol. Click on one of these and it will pop up along the bottom of the stage. The four options are for applause, laughter, waving and love.

If you want to express a different reaction, use the plus symbol to access more.

To view additional emoticons , press the "+" button.

Customising your chat window

Players and audience have several options to customise the chat window. These options only affect the chat window for you, not for any others on the same stage.

The size of the font can be adjusted with the + and - buttons at the right above the text input field. Press on the + to increase the font size, and on the - to decrease it. Remember, this only changes the font size for you, not for anyone else.

You can also change the font size from the chat window settings. The settings are accessed from the cog icon at the top right of the chat window. Click on the cog and a pop-up window opens: 

Change your nickname on the chat window

The settings are accessed from the cog icon at the top right of the chat window. Click on the cog and a pop-up window opens. In the first tab you can change your Nickname.

  1. Choose another nickname or simply put an empty space by pressing the space bar once.
  2. Confirm by clicking on Save.

How to shout

"Shouting" makes your text appear in red upper case letters in the chatbox. This is done by typing! at the beginning of your text.

How to think (don't think it's available for audience)

"Thinking" makes your text appear in blue and slightly fainter. This is done by typing ":" at the beginning of your text.

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