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Becoming a Player

"Players" are those who create and present live performances on UpStage. To be a player, you must first create an account on an UpStage server. This might be the public UpStage, or you may be at a university, school or arts organisation that has its own UpStage instance and you can create an account there.

You will begin at the Foyer, which is the home page of an UpStage instance. As well as information and links to events, in the top right-hand corner are two buttons: "Login" and "Register".

Note that you do not register to attend a performance as audience, only if you wish to create and participate in performances as a player.

Register an account

The registration screen enables you to register a user account to be a "player" on a specific UpStage instance. Your registration must be approved by an admin of this instance before you are able to have player access to the Backstage and Live Stage parts of the platform.

To create your account:

  • click on the "Register" button on the Foyer (home page) and fill out the form that appears
  • Username: the user name you choose will be displayed in the chat and statistics, visible to both players and audience
  • Password: keep it safe
  • First Name and Last Name: write your first and last name here
  • Email: enter your email address
  • Terms of Service: you must agree to the Terms of Service in order to use the platform
  • Click "Register" to complete your registration.

Note: your email address may be used by administrators to contact you about upcoming changes, scheduled maintenance, etc. It is also used in the event that you find yourself locked out of your account. It is never used for solicitation, nor shared with anyone outside of the administration team of the particular UpStage instance.

Note: if you are on a different UpStage instance to the main public UpStage, the Terms of Sevice may have been adapted by the host organisation.

Log In

Once your account has been approved by an admin, you can log in to the Backstage. Click on the Login button at the top right of the Foyer (home page).

Enter the nickname you entered when registering and your password, and click on Login.

You will arrive at the Stages section of the Backstage. Please go to the next chapters for more information about the features of the Backstage.

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