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Assign your stream to a stage

Once you have created your stream media item and set up your streaming app to send a stream to UpStage, you can now see and hear that stream on a live stage.

There are two ways that you can assign your stream to a stage: via the media management or the stage management interfaces.

Assign via media management

You can assign a stream media item to a stage when you are creating it, or after you have created it by going to the edit interface for the stream media item.

  1. In the media edit interface, click on the "Stage" tab.
  2. In the left hand column, click on the stage you want your stream to appear on. It will move to the right hand column.
  3. If you want your stream to be available on all your stages, use the green ">>" button.
  4. To remove your stream from a stage, click on the stage name in the right hand column and it will move back to the left.
  5. Click "Save" to save the changes you have made.

Assign via stage management

On the Stages list in the Backstage, locate the stage you want your stream to appear on, and click the green cog icon to enter the management interface for that stage.

  1. In the left-hand menu, select Media.
  2. In the sub-menu, select Stream. You will see a list of available streams.
  3. Click on the stream you want in the "available media" column. It will move to the right-hand column of selected media.
  4. If you want to put all available streams onto this stage, use the green ">>" button.
  5. To remove a stream from this stage, click on the stream name in the right hand column.
  6. Click "Save" to save the changes you have made.

Operate your stream on the live stage

Once your stream has been assigned to a stage, you can now operate it on that stage. Go to the Stream Tool chapter in the Player: Live Stage section of this manual for more information about how to use streams on the live stage.

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