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How add a media to your stage ?

When you create a new Stage, it has no media on it; you need assign media to a Stage, then it will appear in the on-stage tools and you can manipulate it in a performance.

There are two ways to assign media to a Stage: during upload, or from the Stage management interface.

During the media upload process, you can (NEED TO SEE NEW INTERFACE TO COMPLETE THIS)

To assign media that has already been uploaded, first go to the Stages list and find the stage you want to assign media to, then click on the Stage management icon. In the left-hand menu, select "Media" and then below it the type of media that you want to assign to the stage. From the "Available Media" list, click on each of the media items that you want to assign to the stage. You will see them appear in the "Selected Media" list. Hit "Save" to save the changes. You can then enter the stage using the "Enter" button at top left to see your media items on the stage.

To unassign media, so that it no longer appears on this stage, just click on the media icon in the "Selected Media" column and it will move back to the "Available Media" column. Again, remember to save. Unassigning media from a stage does not delete it from the server, only from that stage.


The media are now available on the UpStage server, to use them, you must associate the media with your stage. We will see how to do it.

To do this, go to the Backstage, then find your Stage and click on the pencil icon to display the Stage Management of your Stage.

You have in front of you three columns. The first are the available controls, the second displays all currently available media and the third, can be empty, displays the media attached to your Stage.

The drop-down menu above the media column allows you to filter media by type (avatar, prop, backdround, stream, audio). To link the medium to your internship, click on the medium in question.

A kind of green rectangle slides over to indicate that it is well selected. The media is then displayed in the right column.

Once all your media are attached, click on Save. These media are now available in your Stage!

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