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How does the audience see your stage?

When the audience enters your stage for a performance, they will see and hear the objects and audio that you are manipulating in real time. They will not see the player tools, or the green frames that players use to manipuate objects. If you use a curtain, they will see only the curtain and not through it as players can see.

It can be useful to see your stage from the perspective of the audience, in order to be sure they are seeing what you want them to see. This can be done in three ways:

  • log out and enter the stage as a guest; this cannot be done unless the status of the stage is "Live", which means that others with the link could also enter.
  • make a Replay recording: this records everything on the stage except for audio-visual streams, saving it as a log of messages, from the audience perspective.
  • masquerade as audience.

Masquerade as audience

Masquerading as audience allows you to step out of the player view of the stage and into the audience view. This is very useful when a group is rehearsing and one person wants to check the audience view. While you are masquerading as audience, you cannot operate any media on the stage, you can only watch what other players are doing.

Click on the Settings icon in the left-hand toolbar to open the Settings overlay. At the right-hand end is the button Audience View. Click on this and the stage will change to audience view - the player tools are no longer visible to you and if you write in the chat your text will appear smaller than the player text and light grey.

To return to player view, click on the masquerade icon in the top right corner, above the chat window and below the player-audience counter.

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