UpStage v4 english

How to help UpStage

introduction 1 sentence : UpStage free software, free creativity, want participate a trendy sympathic project, joins us. We search for

  • documentation team : few manuals : user manual, developer manual, installation manual, troubleshooting manual one missing ? tell us wich or better initiate him. In documentation you can : translate, write, proofread, test, illustrate, make video, show us your workaround !
  • promote team : write articles about, make video about, make show with, use it and spread the world
  • developer team : js lover, ux designer lover, geek lover, admin sis lover, ???
  • artist team : be UpStage become in your toolset for cyberformance, and tell us
  • instancy level : install it and
  • educational or any *-al partner :)
  • donate :

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