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Welcome to the User Manual for UpStage v4, launched in October 2021!

This manual is intended for anyone who wishes to create and present cyberformances (live online performances) using UpStage. There is also information for audiences, to help you have the best possible experience.

The first section, UpStage, provides a background to the platform, its history and community. There is some general technical information, and you can learn about the team and how to get involved in the UpStage community.

Tips for Audience are included in the next section; this is also useful for Players (artists, creators) to know what tools and possibilities the audience has in UpStage.

UpStage users are known as Players, and this section explains how to create an account, manage your profile, and create your own live Stage.

The Media Management section describes how to upload media including graphics, animations, audio and video files which can then be assigned to your stage to use in performance.

The Live Stage is where performances are created and presented; in this section you will learn about the on-stage tools that allow real-time manipulation of your uploaded media as well as live drawing, live text and audio-visual streams.

There is a section dedicated to streaming, which helps you optimize your stream and further explote the creative use of live streams.

In the Online Ensembles section, you will find tips for gathering and nurturing a distributed performance ensemble. As the UpStage community has existed for a while, we have amassed a lot of experience and knowledge in this area and here we share some of it with you.

Recording and Statistics explains how UpStage can record performances and statistics.

Lastly, the Appendices include a Glossary of terms and a Troubleshooting section.


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