UpStage v4 english

Invite audience

An internship, a cyberformance exists only with the objective of being performed. After possibly a few repetitions, you are ready. Now you have to warn your spectators. This is where you must return to the Backstage and allow spectators access to your Stage. How to do this ?

  • Return to the Backstage.
  • In the list of Internships find yours
  • Click on the cogwheel icon to access Stage management

In the General Information section, you have the list of Audience access. Check that all your spectators have access to your Stage.

If your audience is not registered, they will however be able to access your Stage as a Guest (they will then be anonymous in the chat). For that you will have to send them the url of your Stage and the time at which the Stage will start.

For information, here is the difference between the 3 statuses: Audience, Player access and Payer and edit access:

  • Audience: access to the live performance.
  • Player access: access to the manipulation of the media available for the Internship.
  • Player and edit access: access to live media manipulation and to adding and attaching new media to the Stage.

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