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Join a live cyberformance

Have you received an invitation from an artist and want to join his show? Are you an artist yourself and put yourself in the shoes of one of your spectators? We will explain how to join a cyberformance.

Become "audience"

For UpStage there are two kinds of users: the artists (players) who do the show and those who watch, the audience (listeners). And each of the roles have access to different BackStage or backstage and have different rights.

Let's imagine that you are in possession of the link which indicates the hall of the performance, with its date and time, as in the theater you will have to go there on the desired day and time.


  1. From the ticket you received, click on the link leading to the room, or copy the link and paste it into your browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Safari ...)
  2. You can also follow the show from your Smartphone, and make sure that it is the browser that opens the link
  3. And There you go ! now enjoy the show!
You see the Live Stage and the chat.

The role of the audience

As in the theater, an audience can express emotions. In this particular medium, we offer visual interactions. The cat is there for this use.


On the right is the chat, write in the field at the bottom of its space and press enter so that everyone can see your message. You can include emoticons in your message by selecting the icon with the emoticon on a green background located to the right of this field.


Above the chat writing field, you have some emoticons already positioned. Click on them to make them appear at the bottom of the live.

Expressing emotions

If the visible emoticons are not suitable for you to express your feelings, click the plus button to see the list of other emoticons and symbols available.

Stay or become anonymous

Do you want to interact by clapping, expressing emotions via emoticons or just expressing yourself in the chat, but anonymously?


  1. At the top right of the cat, click on the cogwheel.
  2. This window is displayed
  3. Choose another nickname or simply put an empty space by pressing the space bar once.
  4. Confirm by clicking on Save.

Possible concerns

If nothing is displayed, but you see this little animation, you must:

  • rotate your smartphone in landscape mode
  • change the size of your browser window so that it is wider than it is tall. The ideal size is to see the entire show, and that there is no gap between the background image and your browser window.

On the left, the window is well aligned with the dimension of the Live. The image on the right shows that the window is larger than the Live one and this can move some parts of the show. The ideal is to make the edges of the browser window coincide with the show.

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