UpStage v4 english

Avatar speech and voices

When you are holding an avatar, you can make it speak by typing in the chat window input field. The text will appear in the chat window and as a speech bubble above the avatar. If you have given your avatar a voice, the text will also be spoken aloud in a computerised voice.

You can customise your avatar's voice from the Media edit interface (see the Media section), or directly on the stage. On stage, right click on the avatar you are holding and in the context menu select "Voice setting". Here you can adjust the pitch, rate and volume of the voice, as well as its accent and variant. You can test the voice before saving it.


translation from french :

There are two ways to make the avatar speak. Visually with speech bubbles and via speech synthesis. UpStage has integrated vocals. All spectators will hear the same voice.

Via dialogue bubbles

  1. Select the avatar.
  2. Write on the chat
  3. Press enter
  4. The content is displayed in a bubble on the Stage.

Via text-to-speech

Likewise, select the avatar, write on the chat, press enter and the content is automatically read by the text-to-speech.

Configure speech synthesis

Right click on the avatar and choose the Voice settings option to display the synthesizers voice settings.

For the voice to pronounce the dialogue correctly and audibly, it is essential to select the voice from the correct dictionary. Do not use a voice from the French dictionary if you will be using English chat.

Configure speech bubbles

  • Pitch: at minimum, the voice is deep and at maximum the voice is high.
  • Rate: manages the speech speed, on the left speech is slow and on the right faster.
  • Volume: to manage the pitch of the text-to-speech sound
  • Test voice: write in the language of the voice and click the green button to test the combination.
  • The Save button allows you to save the parameters and make available the parameters decided for the Stage.

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