UpStage v4 english

Modify Media

To modify a media item that has been uploaded to UpStage, first go to the Media list and find the item you want to modify. Then at the far right under the column "Manage Media", click on the pencil icon. This brings you to the Media management interface. Here you can do the following:

* change the name of the media item by typing a new name in the name field
* change the file type by selecting a new one
* for avatars, select and adjust the voice
* create a multiframe avatar or prop

Rember to hit Save otherwise your changes will not take effect.

Multiframe avatars and props are a series of images contained in one media item. This allows simple frame animation on stage. You must first create the frames as upload them as separate media items, then edit one of them to be the multiframe avatar or prop. Go to the "Multiframe" tab and turn on the toggle to see the available frames. In the left-hand column, click on the thumbnail image of each frame that you want, and it will appear in the right-hand column. Click on a frame in the right hand column to remove it. Give the new multiframe avatar a name that you will recognise as being the multiframe one, and click Save. You can still use all of the frames as individual props or avatars as well if you wish.

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