UpStage v4 english

Quick overview of tools

Once you have created a stage, uploaded media and assigned it to your stage, you will want to start creating your performance. When you are logged in and have player access to a stage (either you created it, or the stage owner gave you access), you will see tools on the live stage that are not visible to the audience. These tools allow you to manipulate the media assigned to the stage, in real time, to present your performance to the audience.

Navigate to the Stages list and find your stage. Click enter at the right-hand end of the information for your stage. The stage will load, and you will see a message asking you to click anywhere to finish the loading and enter the stage. Once in the stage, you will see a chat window on the right, and on the left a tool bar.

The left-hand tool bar gives you access to the following tools: Backdrops, Avatars, Props, Audio, Streams, Draw, Text, Settings and Scenes. Here you will find the media you have assigned to this stage as well as tools for real-time features.



During the Live Stage, players (players or actors) have access to specific tools to manage the media.

Located on the left the tool bar is always visible.

  • Backdrop: to manage the background image.
  • Avatar: to manage the display of characters and avatars.
  • Props: to manage the objects that complete the avatar.
  • Sound: to launch and manage sounds.
  • Stream: to launch and manage video streams.
  • Draw: to draw live.
  • Text: to write live on the Stage.
  • Settings: to configure the background color and the chat.
  • Save Scene: not yet implemented.

Each time you click on a tool, another overlay is displayed to make the associated media available.

To hide the overlay, click again on the tool or change the tool to display the next overlay.

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