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Replays are recordings of all the messages sent between the browser and the server, which can be replayed to recreate the on-stage actions of a performance.

[How do we record replays - is it automatic?]

Find and view a Replay

Go to Stage Management of the stage for which you want to view a replay. In the left hand menu, select "Recordings". You will see a list of available recordings, ordered by date. To view a replay, click on the green camera icon. It will open as if it is the stage, and you will need to click on the cover image just the same as if it was a live stage.

On the replay stage, you will see that the top right hand corner shows "REPLAYING" in grey, instead of the red "LIVE" when you are on a live stage. There are no player tools available, and you cannot interact in the chat.

In the bottom left hand corner are the controls for the replay. You can select the speed at which you want to view the replay, play or pause button, and a slider that shows how far through the replay you are.

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