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Set up your stream

To send a stream to UpStage, you need to use a streaming application on your computer, such as OBS, or a streaming app on your phone, such as Larix Broadcaster. There are many applications you could use, the only requirement is that it can send the stream in the RTMP format. This manual provides instructions for using OBS and Larix Broadcaster.

Create a Stream media item

The first step is to create a stream media item on UpStage. This will give you a unique streaming key that you can then enter into your streaming app.

  1. In the Backstage, go to the Media section and hover over the "New +" button.

  2. A dropdown menu appears with the option "RTMP Stream" - select this.

  3. In the media management window that opens, give the media item a name.

  4. Enter a stream key; this can be the same as the name, for example it can be your own first name in both places.

  5. Click "Save".

Your stream media item will now appear in the media list, showing a QR code icon. Click on the edit icon (green pencil) in the Manage Media column to open your stream's edit window.

Here you find a QR code, which you can scan with your mobile device to import the unique key directly into Larix. If you want to use OBS, click on the OBS icon and you will find the instructions to configure OBS and a copiable version of the unique key.

Larix Broadcaster

Once you have followed the steps above to create your stream media item, scan the QR code with your mobile device and it will automatically insert your unique key into the Larix Broadcaster settings.

Now on the "Outgoing connections" you will see a new stream with the UpStage streaming url and your unique key. Touch it to activate it.

You can now start your stream by touching the red circle on the camera interface. Beside this circle is a mute button to mute and unmute the audio stream. You can also chose in the settings, to send video only, audio only or both.

Check the size of your video in the video settings. A good resolution could be 1920x1080 - but you will need to try this on the stage to see if it looks good, and if the stream speed is smooth.

On Stage side, enter your Stage.

  1. Activate the Stream tool
  2. In the top overlay you should be able to see your stream
  3. Place your stream on Stage
  4. have fun ! 


Instructions for configuring OBS are provided in the edit interface of your stream media item, in the Backstage.

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