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Stream tool

This page is specifically for how to display your stream on the stage; see the section on Streaming for info about how to set up your stream.

introduction : 3 kinds of stream: a video file, an url, your webcam. Context explaination, difference between this for player and for audience. Prerequisite : put available media on management dashboard limitation : blabla tips : we advice


Run a video file on stage

Click on the stream tool. The videos available appear on the overlay. Drag'n'drop the video file on your Stage. This automatically run the video.


Resize the video on the Stage

Click on it and a box around the video appear. Drag the white handle to resize the video.


Change the opacity of the video

Click on it and a green slider appear on the left. Move the handle to change the opacity.


Re-run the video

Right click to display the context menu and click to run, to allow the video play again.


Change the form of the video

By default the video file are rectangle. If you want to make it circle, right click on it and click on the circle in the bottom of the context menu. We can also put the video into a V or a Dog silhouette (woof).


Delete the video from the stage

Right click on the video on the Stage and hit the clear button to make it disappear. The video is now gently waiting on the overlay


translation from french :

This tool is used to manage the introduction of a video stream during the internship. This stream can come from your webcam, a video hosted on an online video service or from the UpStage server. Be careful, this may reach your audience with different deadlines if the video host is itself unsuitable for streaming.

Display a video available from the UpStage server

Activate the tool to display its options. The video should be visible in the overlay. Drag the video onto the Stage.

The video will start immediately.

Stop video

Right click to display the context menu and click pause.

Manipulate and move video

Just like the avatar, the video can grow and shrink, rotate thanks to the green handles.

It can also be moved with a drag click, and its opacity adjusted with the slider.

Without forgetting the possibility of hiding or making visible the status of these actions live for their audience thanks to the light bulb icon!

Change shape video

It is possible to change the shape of the video. Currently, it can be visible through a circle, a V, or a dog! To change the basic shape, right click and choose the shape of your choice.

The first button undoes all formatting and the video returns to its original form.

Remove a video from the Stage

Right click on the video placed on the Stage to display the cage then click on the cross. The video is no longer on the Stage but is still available in the tool options and in the media.

From a video stream hosted elsewhere

This feature will be available soon.

From your webcam

This feature will be available soon.

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