UpStage v4 english



Backstage is where all the preparation for your cyberformance happens. Here you can create, view and manage your stages, upload and manage media, and edit your profile. If you have admin permissions, you can also manage others' profiles, stages and media.

When you log in from the Foyer, you will arrive at the Stages page:


The default view shows "your stages" - this includes the stages you have created, as well as any other stages where you have player permissions. To see other stages, toggle the green switch, and if you are looking for a particular stage you can enter the stage name in the search field.

The stage list displays the number, name and owner of each stage, followed by the access that you have to each stage.

The Statistics column shows you how many players and audience are currently on a stage.

The Recording column contain 2 icons. The camera activate the recording of your Stage. Clicking it display a windows asking you the name of the recording. Be careful this activation cleared the Stage. If you are running somes news scenes, save it before losing it. If you want access to your previous recording, clik on the list icon. Then You acces to another page to manage your Archive.

The green cog icon takes you to the stage management section; the yellow squares let you easily duplicate a stage; and the red trash icon is to delete the stage.

To enter a stage, click on the green Enter button.


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