UpStage v4 english

UpStage Administration

UpStage accounts have one of four roles: Guest, Player, Admin, and Super Admin. Each has a different level of permissions.



Guest accounts are for use by people who do not have their own player log-in and may not want to have one, for example in workshops or demonstration situations. A Guest login allows you to see and operate the on-stage player tools of the stage or stages that the Guest log-in has been given access to. Guest log-ins do not give access to the Backstage.


Players can log in to UpStage, create stages, upload media, and perform on their own and other stages to which they are given access. Players can update their email address and change their password in their profile.


Admins are players with additional permissions. They can customise the Foyer and access the Admin section of UpStage, where they can approve new player registrations and undertake other player managment such as increasing a player's upload limit or changing a player's role.

They have full powers in the Backstage, which means they can view, edit or delete all stages and media, not only their own. However if they do not have player access on stages that are not their own or that they have not been given access to, only audience access.

Super Admin

This role is usually for the person who has installed and configured this specific instance of UpStage. As well as all of the permissions of other roles, they can make players into Admins and do backend configuration of the instance.

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