Aperçu du joueur

Players log in to UpStage to create and present performances. They do not need anything other than a browser with the Flash player plugin1 to do this.


Different levels of access and permissions can be given to players. The default level allows access only to the on-stage player tools, for collaborating in performances and learning how UpStage works (see the chapter Logging In for more information about player permissions).


The "player view" of the stage is different to the "audience view" (see the chapter Audience View). 




The Wardrobe (top right hand corner) is a scrollable list of the avatars that have been assigned to this stage. The Mirror (the Retro Bowl College square beside the Wardrobe) shows the avatar you are currently holding, with its name in the rectangle under the mirror.


There are tools below the Mirror, and image galleries for backdrops and props along the bottom of the stage area. Players see a smaller text chat window than the audience.


The tools and palettes are explained in detail in the chapter On-stage Player Tools.




The Flash player plugin comes preinstalled with most browsers; if you don't have it, it is free to download here:^ 

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