L'interface de la session

Once you have logged in to UpStage, you arrive at the Workshop, from where you can either proceed to a stage to rehearse or perform, or choose from a range of options that allow you to create and manage stages and players, and upload and manage the media (graphics and audio) that you will use in your performances. 

At the top left, the UpStage logo provides a link to the UpStage web site, where you can find information about the UpStage project, festivals, regular open sessions and other activities. 

To the right of the logo, HOME will take you to the foyer page for this UpStage server: this is the public entry point, where audience can find information about upcoming shows and click on links to enter stages. The content of the Home or Foyer page can be edited by players with admin permissions.

WORKSHOP is the page you are on, and STAGES gives a list of all the stages on this server.

In the top right-hand corner, you can log out, and you can also see how many players and audience are currently on this server.

Workshop Navigation

From the Workshop links between the green and black lines, you can do the following:

Create/Edit Stage: create a new stage, or edit an existing one

Upload media: upload graphics and audio files, and in the same process assign them to stages and select voices for avatars

Edit/View Media: browse and view media (filtered by who has uploaded it, type of media, or stage it is assigned to); edit your own media (including changing avatar voices); and assign or unassign media to and from the stages.

How to do all of these things is explained in more detail in the following chapters.

Messages for UpStage users

The text area below the navigation is an editable area (by users with admin permissions) that can be used to provide information for players on this server - for example if maintenance is scheduled at a particular time, or to remind people about upcoming events and deadlines.

At the very bottom of the screen is the version of UpStage and the date it was last updated.  

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