Players log in to UpStage to create and present performances. They do not need anything other than a browser with the Flash player plugin to do this.

Note that audience members do NOT log in to UpStage; their view of the stage is different to that of logged in players.

When attending others' performances, players are advised to log out first so that they experience the performance as it's intended to be viewed, without the distraction of the on-stage player tools. A stage access feature is in development, which will allow players to specify which other players may enter a stage as a logged-in player; if you are logged in but don't have player access to a stage, you will then automatically see the audience view, without having to log out. This feature will be implemented in v2.4.3 (ETA 2013).

Log in 

From the home page, enter your username and password in the input boxes at top right. 



Player permissions

Different levels of permissions and access can be given to a player.

Default player 

The default permissions enable a logged in player to access the on-stage player tools, so that they can collaborate in a performance. This level is also used for guest log-ins, for open walkthroughs and workshops where people are learning the basic operations of UpStage before starting to make their own show. This default level does not give access to the Workshop.


A player with "user" permissions can access the Workshop and upload media, edit their own media, create stages and edit their own stages; as well as access the on-stage player tools.


A player with admin access can administer their own and others media and stages, add/edit players, and edit the Workshop pages.

Unlimited upload

A player with unlimited upload permission can upload files larger than the 1MB file upload limit. 

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